Our craftsmen carefully select materials and use unique techniques in every single step of custom-order production to propose the best answers for our customers. ITO Sangyo's commitment to quality and our production environment make it possible to achieve each of these steps.

Material 素材へのこだわり

Companies involved in the wood processing field have a serious role as focus increases in regard to the importance of ecology and the value of natural resources. ITO Sangyo manufactures products while taking care not to waste valuable wood, and uses only bonds and paints that comply with JIS and JAS inspection safety standards. We deliver products that can be used safely, and products that can be used for a long time.

Production つくりへのこだわり

Cutting-edge machine tools must be operated with exquisite pressure adjustment and techniques to ensure the manufacture of high-quality and consistent products. All ITO Sangyo craftsmen have extensive know-how and skills, which they apply to uncompromising production. Our integrated production extending from woodcutting to laminating, NC processing, painting, machining, and finishing at our own factory allows us to deliver high-quality products that are both unique and made in Japan..

Development 開発へのこだわり

Looking for an efficient way to set up and put away tables, we developed legs that could be opened, closed, and locked with a single step. Looking for a way to add fresh colors to party venues, we developed the linen-less table that eliminates the need for table clothes and skirts. In addition to making furniture, it is our job to propose ideas that surpass our customer's needs. These ideas are applied to our custom-order furniture and our space productions that produce entire rooms.

Voice お客様の声